Masters Frequently Asked Questions

What is TheCircle?

TheCircle is the UK’s leading an online live advice platform where users are able to browse through multiple selections of spiritual Advisors.
With a wide range of specialties, TheCircle Advisors propose their services (psychic readings, financial outlook, love and relationships, tarot readings, life questions, spiritual readings, psychic mediums, etc.) to users by phone or chat

How can I become an Advisor?

You can apply on

How will I get paid and are there any fixed costs?

There are not fixed costs, and you will be paid on what you will have done on TheCircle. Payments of commissions are done weekly.
You can consult Advisors T&C on our website or ask to a member of TheCircle Team who will contact you within 36 working hours from your registration

Is my anonymity protected?

All your data on TheCircle remains confidential.
No personal data (name, email, phone, etc.) is shared with clients, other sites or companies or social networks (e.g. Facebook).

What about working hours and exclusivity clauses?

You can work on TheCircle as you like.
Although for quality standards we can remove inactive Advisors profiles.

How long until my profile is approved?

A member of TheCircle Team will contact you within 36 working hours from your Advisor registration to describe conditions and selection process
There is a waiting list of 2-3 months of successful Advisors waiting to go live.

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